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Slawek J. Wisniewski- Steven De-Saas

Polish born /1959/, american artist, living in Southern California, Los Angeles area.

M.D. Diploma from Poland, however always involved in creative arts mostly presented as oil painting on canvas. First shows in 1980-s ,Honorata Gallery -Lodz-/Poland/. Member-Zwiazek Artystow Plastykow Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej- /Poland/
Succesfully showed his art in ARSGArt Rental and Sales Gallery-Los Angeles County Museum of Art and  affiliated with this gallery  for five years. In later years, showing works in galleries of L.A. area. Then for few years working with group of NOHO-artists called EVA. Painting mostly surrealism, trompe l'oeil still lifes and now working on series of paintings showing expressions of Los Angeles.

In years 2012 to 2014 I was working on series of paintings that show the escape from technical reproduction of reality.The major factor triggering conceptions of the series was City of Los Angeles, with many variations of the meaning. The plan was to make inviseable to be seen, bringing the unconscious process as far as possible.
The colors in my paintings are treated as translation of the feelings,the intentional illusion in my interpretation of the city.There are also added some lines of poetry as a semantic unavoidable part to fulfill the expressions.I like to show on canvas the emotional part in reception of Los Angeles.

  At present time -2022 -working on series of paintings with use of original Yves Klein Blue/Intl.KB/paint.

Artworks in collection of:

-Dr. Don Lee

-David & Lorraine Paich-"TOTO"

-Weintraub Productions

-Dr. Onkarjit Marwah

 and many more

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